View Reactive Query History

This guide will walk you through viewing a reactive queries history.

1 Navigate to the queries page

If you have not created a free account, please do so now. After logging in, navigate to the queries page on the left hand sidebar, or click here. You will be greeted with all of your reactive queries.

2 Select your query

On the left hand side, you will see all of your reactive queries that belong to your account. Select the one that you would like to see the history of.

3 View a query time

After selecting your query, you will see a card appear that has a list of times on its side. These are the times where your reactive query has been ran (times where the data has changed). Select one of the them to see the query result at that point in time. If there is only one time shown, there has not been any changes to you query's data since it was created.
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