Hedge Fund Holdings

See what securities and assets United States Hedge funds are holding. This data is updated quarterly from the SEC's 13f fillings.

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Returns the holdings of institutional investment managers with more than $100 million in equity assets under management. This API returns all United States Section 13(f) Securities. Every fund is required to submit their 13F filing to the SEC every quarter, thus with some short term holding funds, data may be outdated.


The legal name of the company (fund or institutional investment manager) to fetch holdings from. This name is not case sensitive, however it must be formatted properly. To find company names, use our Hedge Fund Search tool.

Optional. Use this paramour to change what quarter to fetch holdings from. If this value is left blank, it will default to the current quarter. The quarter should be formatted in the following way: {YEAR}-{QUARTER (1, 2, 3, or 4)}. For example 2019-4.

Your Vay API key string. This value always starts with vay_. If you do not have an API key, you can get one for free here. No credit card required.

The CUSIP of the security held by the fund.

The ticker of the security held by the fund.

The name of the security held by the fund.

The quantity of the security held by the fund.
curl https://api.vay.studio/iim/holdings \
-d company=Berkshire%20Hathaway%20Inc \
-d quarter=2019-4 \
-d key=YOUR_API_KEY \
    "errorCode": 0,
    "error": "",
    "result": [
            "cusip": "023135106",
            "ticker": "AMZN",
            "name": "AMAZON COM INC",
            "quantity": 537300
            "cusip": "02376R102",
            "ticker": "AAL",
            "name": "AMERICAN AIRLS GROUP INC",
            "quantity": 43700000
            "cusip": "025816109",
            "ticker": "AXP",
            "name": "AMERICAN EXPRESS CO",
            "quantity": 151610700
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