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Traffic Collisions in San Diego

A closer look into the data behind car collisions


Summary: In 2020 alone, there have been 1101 car collisions in San Diego County. Of which, 506 involved injuries, and 3 were fatal.

Type of Collision: Most collisions are caused by Turning/No turn signal at 5216 occurrences, followed by Other at 4816, and Speeding at 2723.

\nTurning/No turn signalOtherSpeedingRed LightsParking830.001230.001630.002030.002430.002830.003230.003630.004020.004420.004820.005216.00Type of Collision

Hit and Run: About half of all car collisions were involved in a hit and run. Of whitch, a grand majory (9700) were at the misdemeanor level.

\nNoneMisdemeanorFelony119.001219.002219.003219.004219.005219.006219.007219.008319.009319.0010319.0011272.00Hit and Run Level

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